Christian Education


New Children's Book from SVS Press: Saint Nicholas & the nine gold coins

Illustrated  by Vladislav Andrejev



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Ninth International Conference of Iconographic Studies:

Icons and Iconology


Icons and Iconology conference at the Museum of Russian Icons, June 11-13, 2015



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The Icon of Pentecost


The Descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of "tongues like as of fire" upon the Apostles is commemorated by Christians on the 50th day after Pascha, or on the 10th day after the Ascension of Christ. As a liturgical feast, this day is correlated by the Church with the Feast of the Holy Trinity (Trinity Sunday). On the following day, on a Monday, they celebrate Monday of the Holy Spirit (Trinity Monday), and All Saints' Day is observed on the first Sunday after Pentecost.


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The word <TRIUMPH> means the victory over iconoclasm (7 - 8 century, when the Church was one, undivided,) the word <ORTHODOXY> means the right and lawful way to glorify God by venerating (not worshiping!) icons. By doing this, one venerates the inner (mystical) image of the depicted holy personage and subsequently the Image of God which man was created in. It has nothing to do with contemporary understanding of this word as the name of certain earthly institutions, like, for example, Orthodox Church.


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 NEW DVD: "Christ Pantocrator: Advanced Techniques"


The Prosopon School of Iconology presents the new instructional video

 "Christ Pantocrator: Advanced Techniques" for students of the Prosopn School

and other experienced icon painters familiar with egg tempera techniques.


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Prosopon School 25th Anniversary Conference



On the path towards the Divine Countenance -  25 Years of the Prosopon School"

And 75th birthday celebration of founder Vladislav Andrejev

April 12 - 13, 2013

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the Newly published issue #10 of the prosopon journal

is being released.


US $25.00 (Using PayPal add $2.50)

Canada $30 US Dollars (using PayPal add $3.00 US Dollars)

All others outside USA: ($35.00 US Dollars)

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The Prosopon school has printed a catalog

of icon reproductions entitled

“Icons of the Prosopon School.”


 It is hard cover, contains 304 pages, 202 color plates of icons by the iconographers

of the Prosopon School.

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